Just call me Copper Catfish ~ You aint foolin’ me.


Thanks to the Sarah Palin baby name generator sent to me by my friend CaraLin, I now know that had I been Sarah’s kid , my name would be Copper Catfish. My husband would be named, Staff Wrench.

My kids?  Cuppa Invader & Claw Washout


I am getting a flurry of catalogs in the mail as the holiday approach us, ones like “Potpourri” and  “Favorites“.  They are filled with things like red sequined tennis shoes and dachshund earrings.  There are plaques that say, “Remember, as far as anyone knows, we are a normal family”… and t-shirts that say, “Beer is proof that God wants us to be happy.”

And also… for some reason….  there are VIBRATORS.

For example, on page 19 of “Favorites” catalog we have:

  • spiral rainbow earrings
  • a ruffled top (in pink, black or white)
  • silver-plated, crystal & faux pearl “sisters” bracelet
  • jeweled trees sweatshirt in lavender
  • handbag holder with filigree design

“Presenting the latest in European-designed natural contour massagers! Shaped expressly for women, its stimulating, thumb-and-forefinger-simulating design delivers three speeds of variable, pleasurable relief and RELEASE. Includes 2 AA batteries. 8 1/4”- long curve.  $34.95

I’m not sayin’… I’m just sayin’.

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“Just call me Copper Catfish ~ You aint foolin’ me.”

  1. On September 26th, 2008 at 7:14 am Krista Says:

    Hahahahaha! I’ve ALWAYS thought that! I sold Avon for a while and they’d always show women with these weiner-shaped “massagers” holding them on their necks. It’s like, uhhh, no. (Unless you’re totally into neck action, I guess?)

  2. On September 26th, 2008 at 4:06 pm ms picket to you Says:

    there selling those in CVS. because nothing says intimacy like buying a vibrator along with your covergirl and z-pac.

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