Mass Murdering Pretty Bugs For Dummies


Driving home after returning The Teen back into the care of his father I suddenly find myself under attack by a glowing green splatterishness.

My imagination IMMEDIATELY takes over.   A Ford spaceship?

Something much, MUCH HOLY SHIT WORSE?

Actually, I’m way off base.  Turns out, it’s just the most poorly placed bug gathering EVER.

What’s worse, when I realize that I am, in fact, MASS MURDERING glow bugs with my vehicle, I lose it.

I go immediately and completely creep out,slap my body, think I’m covered in bugs crazy.  You know, while driving 75 miles an hour down a dark Iowa highway.

Also, I’m wearing REALLY UNFORTUNATE ACCESSORIES for the occasion.

And, in the end, like so many things in my life… I am left conflicted and confused by my own morbid curiosity.

Also, I really, REALLY need a car wash.

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“Mass Murdering Pretty Bugs For Dummies”

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