#30 of 30



This little 30/100/30 experiment was interesting…  if not a little… chore-ish. Obligatory. Tiresome. You dig?

The brevity was hard for me so I cheated frequently, which is probably indicative of whether or not you should run to the bathroom while playing a board game with me.  Rules bore me.

I felt like knowing I HAD to post and that it couldn’t be the whole story or a complete thought put a giant blood pressure cuff on my brain and quoze the mojo out of me.  I think I actually posted 33 or 34 posts in the month of June…  which is quite prolific – but you know, not my best stuff.  So… eh.

Tomorrow begins the month of July and I can hardly believe that already…already… the days have actually started growing shorter again in preparation for winter.

This year is a Mazda.

Zoom Zoom Zoom

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“#30 of 30”

  1. On July 1st, 2008 at 10:01 am blue girl Says:

    You may have *felt* like you didn’t give the whole story or complete thought, but your posts never read that way. Glad you finished even if you felt the whole thing was meh. I enjoyed it! (And that’s all that counts. Hee-hee.)

    And I also love the little comic strips that you do. You’re a great blogger! …..I shouldn’t lurk so much…..

  2. On July 1st, 2008 at 1:59 pm Krista Says:

    I give you credit for doing it. I didn’t even try. I hate counting.

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