Holy burst of energy, Batman.


Holy burst of energy, Batman.

I got to work pretty early this morning as I had to have Kory to the airport by 6:30am – he’s flying to Denver for the day.  He’s less than thrilled. If I had to fly somewhere and back in the same day and there wasn’t some sort of emergency or guest appearance on a TV show or something like that… I’d be mad as hell.  But then, I’ve developed this strange aversion to flying. It joins my strange aversion to clowns, dolls, any toy that talks and non-crispy bacon.

For some reason I’ve gone into Martha Stewart on crack-mode, today.  I’ve decided that this weekend I’m going to make cupcakes:


and cookies:

Easter Cookies

and baskets and eggs and Easter trees… and all  that shit.

Here are some pictures of the ACTUAL EASTER TREE I MADE:


This is a strange phenomenon because:

1. Easter is hands-down my LEAST FAVORITE holiday.

2. I’m generally anti-pastel.

3. Spring is my least favorite season of the year.

4. I hate eggs.

5. I don’t like cake.

6. I hate anything “country craftsy”.


“Martha made me do it.”

martha stewart

You just don’t understand her the way I do.

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