Oompa Water/Wonka Water


I know I’m not supposed to drink or like or (gasp!) buy bottled water. It’s somehow become gauche to want your water to come from somewhere other than your local tap. WHATEVER. It’s not like I’m some lunatic that actually believes someone is handing a band of oompa-loompas a cart full of empty bottles and making them fill each bottle full of crisp, sunshiney water from a babbling brook in the Alps or Loompaland or something.

Like, WWE fans, I choose to believe the lie.

I know these bottles came from a FACTORY and not from an icy wind-swept Colorado river that somehow has infused itself with minerals and crime-fighting properties. I know.

I do, however, like bottles of water. I find them convenient for my active life that consists of such mind-blowingly strenuous activities like driving my vehicle to and from work and walking from meeting to meeting at work. CARRYING MY ENORMOUS WATER BOTTLE.

I know it creates more waste. So do ketchup packets and I guarantee you I will not be carrying a bottle of ketchup around in my purse anytime soon. And also, how is it that I am managing to work the word ketchup/catsup into every blog? It’s weird. I don’t even really like catsup. I CAN’T STOP!!!

Good Water

Anyway, while I was home not so quietly going insane recovering from my surgery, I started drinking Smart Water. And for some reason, I really liked it.

Am I just trying to make myself feel better? (Do you have any I’m Hot Water or People Like Me Water?)

Do I just like the phallic nature of the EXTRA LONG BOTTLE? (AKA: Pepper-mill Syndrome)

Sure. I like those things, too. But what I really like is that it actually does make me feel less thirsty/more hydrated. Really. It does. Or at least my brain has convinced me that it does and really, who cares if my brain is right or Glaceau is right. Either way my body wins. And my body almost NEVER wins.

Smart Water is “electrolyte enhanced water” and is “vapor distilled” so it’s in it’s “purest natural state”. Kind of like tap water. (Oh, the irony…) And if it were handy to carry my sink around with me I’d consider it.

No, I wouldn’t. I won’t even U-turn for cheaper gas. Judge not, my lambs… we all have our foibles.

It’s not that I’m lazy so much as that I have a fine, passionate fondness for convenience.

Bad Water

Introducing Meat Water… from :

Flavors include:  (Name, description, color of water) (There are many others – this is just a sampling!)

  • Beef Jerky  – a touch of hickory (brown)
  • Beef Stroganoff- sliced sirloin, mushrooms, garlic+onions, sourcream, extract of egg noodles (teal)
  • Chicken Teriyaki – Tokyo style chicken with shitake mushrooms (pale green)
  • Fish’n Chips – cod in beer batter + hand cut fries (royal blue)
  • Wiener Schnitzel – veal and bread crumbs, taste of lemon and potato salad  (pink)
  • Gyros – grilled lamb, onions, cucumber, garlic, rosemary, pita bread, tomatoes, tzatziki  (clear)
  • Fried Oysters – blue point oysters in flour and french dressing (light blue)
  • Brunch Omelette – 3 eggs filled with bacon, sausages and ham, glass of orange juice (orange)

I couldn’t buy it from the online store and I have no idea how much a bottle costs or if it really exists and is not a big joke… but either way, it seems like something that should go to Lutsen with us next year.  I just hope at the end of the Brunch Omelette one, no one turns into a giant orange.

Why IKEA is even better than sliced bread…


Still working on my Idol blog… it’s always weird for me when I see the results show before I write it.

Meanwhile, I am going to post some pictures of things that IKEA has brought into the house that we all hate and made it, in the middle of the long dreary winter a little bit pretty and a little bit hip and a little bit snazztastic. Anyone who doesn’t like IKEA can just suck it.  There. I said it.

I fell instantly in love with this bowl lamp with flowers delicately etched into it($17).  We have a distinct lack of surfaci in our house, so it was relagated to the kitchen counter where is has lived in never-turned-off happiness, ever since.  For the first 2 days, every time I walked into the kitchen I would GASP! and clutch my chest dramatically and whirl around in circles looking for someone to grab by the shirt in big fistfulls of joy to breathlessly chant, while rocking them mercilessly back and forth, “IT’S. THE. MOST. BEAUTIFUL. LAMP. EVER!!! ”  I still think it’s lovely, but I don’t want to go backstage with it after a show anymore.  We’re more like friends, now.   I also bought that fun spiraly bamboo ($3) and the fun vase that it’s in ($5) because I heard that having bamboo in your proximity was lucky… except the bamboo is now dying… which is -fun and probably causing -luck.  I’m not sure what’s wrong with it because I’ve changed the water and I’ve tried trimming it above the joint and below the joint and nothing works and it is just getting more shrivaly and sad looking.  I’ve decided to blame the house because it’s a -house.

Here’s a pic of the lamp Kory took with the NEW camera that I have named Leonard.

I know you are clapping right now.  Go ahead. Let it all out.

We were actually there to buy a shelf for The Baby’s room and look at curtains, as Kory finally decided he was ready to get rid of the original IKEA ones that he loved.  I tried a few times over the years to get rid of those curtains and he was always so sad and dejected over the thought of them leaving his life, I had to give in.  In all honesty, I didn’t really care that much one way or the other.  We did find excellent new curtains for the living room and The Baby’s room while we were there.  I spent about 5 hours doing nothing but ironing curtains that day….

Simple. Delicate. Lovely.  They allow much more light to come into the room,even when closed and the light is more of a bluish hue than the yellowish old curtains.

We got these for The Baby’s room because I wanted something more opaque to block out the sun… we are coming into summertime when the damned sun is still up at 9pm, which rocks if you hanging on the deck with some cold beers and the BBQ and sucks a mighty wind if you are trying to convince a baby that it’s bedtime….  I love the colors and the design, too. Not your traditional girly froo-froo.

Our new comforter cover and pillowcases.  It’s reversable and gorgeous.  I love things that are both masculine AND feminine at the same time.  And I don’t mean neutral… like a plain, solid-colored item.  I mean both masculine (the black and white) and feminine (the slight floral/vines design).

This isn’t actually anything we bought, but rather our bedroom window covered in a beautiful swirly frost/ice pattern.  One morning we woke The Baby and The Teen jumped on the bed, too and we were all singing songs and just slowly joining the day and I decided to open the window and get some sunlight into the room and instead we found the window covered in it’s own awesome art.

The Baby & The Teen, a meeting of the minds…

Cool things about people I know.


Big accomplishments… small accomplishments… like beauty, it’s in the eye of the beholder.  Or maybe I have that exactly backwards.  Maybe it’s in the eye of the doer, not the beholder. Sometimes the doer doesn’t see how great they are and it’s a  heads-up with a beholder points it out.  Sometimes the doer is feeling pretty good about something until a beholder is decidedly underwhelmed by what the doer did.  Hmm. Yeah. Go ahead and sort that out.

Anyway, speaking strictly as a beholder – these are some things that doers have done in the last couple of  months or so that I think are pretty nifty.

Someone I care about has lost a TON of weight. Not by having surgery, but by sheer willpower and determination.

Someone I care about has started their own blog and is sharing their story with any one who wants to read it.

Someone I care about has overcome their fear of their new laptop and is now regularly surfing the web.

Someone I care about finally made the tough decision to move to another state to persue their dreams.

Someone I care about came to terms with some very tough medical diagnoses and is learning how to live with them.

Someone I care about is trying hard every single day to get better and to get back into the light.

Someone I care about has fallen deeply in love and is actually allowing themselves to believe in it – and believe it can last.

Someone I care about could teach the whole world a thing or two about unconditional love and friendship and I cherish that about them – even though I NEVER tell them that…. I think it.  A lot.

Someone I care about took great steps to simplify their life and the lives of those they love.

I hope that I am smart enough to learn something from these people – and maybe, one of these days…. stop being a beholder… and become the doer.

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