Blippity Blap


Whatever. Whatever. Whatever.

Someone’s phone will not stop ringing.

I picked the curling iron up by the BUSINESS end this morning and have at least 7th degree burns all over my hand.

I have an injury from Tucson that is so painful, I actually have to think about whether I’m willing to risk the pain involved with movement as minimal as blinking.

Did I mention that someone’s DAMN PHONE WILL NOT STOP RINGING?

On the bright side, my secret pal left me the most interesting lavender ceramic clock with a large skinny chicken on it that appears to be detoxing from a bad night of bourbon and jazz. Inexplicable but groovy.

Here’s a few pics from the trip:

Pool side at Grandma’s:

Kory Lasker > Arizona '06 photo

Mom and Kory at Pinnacle Peak:

Kory Lasker > Arizona '06 photo

Sabino Canyon:

Kory Lasker > Arizona '06 photo

Me & Peter walking down the canyon:

Kory Lasker > Arizona '06 photo

Pima Air Museum and storage facility

Kory Lasker > Arizona '06 photo

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