January 10, 2006

Another poker night

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I need to begin by admitting that I am SIZZLING on one hell of a caffeine buzz right now.  Someone brought in this excellent organic dark roast coffee from Kowalski’s (Morning Star, it’s called) and I’ve had 2 cups of that one top of the hazelnut latte that Kor made me this morning (thanks, honey)… so, I’m contemplating climbing out of my own skin pretty soon.  I swear, even the air around me is cracklin’….

Went to play poker at Santorini’s again last night with Julie…just us girls. She was nervous because she completely blew off that guy she was dating (“Shut It” Bill) and he’s a regular there… she was nervous that he would confront her – but he was pretty good about it. We saw him BAM! when we walked in the door -and other than looking a little hang-dog – he didn’t say a word.

Jule and I were at the same table and it was quite possibly the WORST. TABLE. EVER.  Going around the table we have:

Steve – mid 40’s, totally crunching on Julie, quite possibly the inspiration for the movie “40 year old Virgin”. Quizzed me about Julie when she got knocked off. I said she was sick (she is) and he turned into NOSEY McNOSERTON and was like..”sick how? like a cold? what do you mean?”  and I told him she was being treated for SARS…. He kept going allin, claiming he wanted to go home – and sucking out on everyone with his 3-4 off suit, etc. Nice enough guy, I suppose.  Probably has a MEAN action figure collection.

Assmunch –  We don’t know his name. It was his first time playing there and he was so annoyed with our table (I do understand that) that on break he just left. However, this sucked for us because the tournament people made us keep his chips in play. They made us deal him in and post his blinds. It was lame and there were several misdeals because of it. Please note: If you are in a freeroll game at a bar and don’t want to play anymore. Do everyone a favor and just go allin until you are out.

John? Maybe? – Announced he would be going in a lot.  He went allin a lot.  His K high couldn’t hold up. Out first.

Dan The Drunk – Dan had a beer in each hand. Dan would deliberate for 5 minutes before deciding to call. Sometimes Dan wouldn’t know it was his turn and we’d think he was deliberating. Dan couldn’t deal. Dan would remind himself on every hand that “Action is to the left of the dealer…”. Dan would say things like “I almost had a STRAIGHT BOAT!” and ” I was one card away from a FULL FLUSH!”.  Was Dan drunk? 

I’d say yes. 

Did he take everyone’s chips? 

Yes, he did.  It was unreal.

Didn’t stay for the late game and didn’t play at the drink table… but I made it pretty far again – down to 3 tables. 

As for today…. I’ve decided to be chill today.  I don’t mean physically.. because with this massive hyper coffee high I’m going a thousand miles an hour — but mentally… spiritually…. I am chill.



January 6, 2006

Keepin’ it real on New Years

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Keepin’ it real on New Years

Julie Wetterlin > New Years 2006 photo

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