May 30, 2008

Good thing he’s not a doctor.

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Everyone has been draggin’ ass this week it seems.  The weather being so overcast and some latent Schoolsalmostoutitis seem to have overcome everyone – child and adult, alike.

This morning, I was too tired to even make coffee so I was heating up a cup of YESTERDAY’S coffee in the microwave when Kory walked in the kitchen.

Kory:  Oh, heating up the old coffee, huh?

Me:  *zombie voice*  Yeah.  I’m dragging this morning.

Kory: You need a kick in the shins.


Kory: A kick in the shins!

Me: What? No! That would just hurt and not be helpful AT ALL!

Kory: I just meant, you know, you needed to perk up!

Me:  That’s “kick in the ass“…  you should have said, “Kick in the ass” – saying someone should kick me in the shins is just plain mean.

Kory: *indignant* I would think that a kick in the ass would be much more painful than a kick in the shins!!

Me: Honey, “kick in the ass” is a colloquialism that means “get someone going” “get someone moving or motivated” – you know like, “What he really needs is a kick in the ass!”  Kick in the shins is just abusive.

Kory:  Like a kick in the kidney.

Me:  Or a kick in the boob.  Yes. It’s not a “saying”.

Kory:  How about a kick in the left mandible?

Me:  WHAT?!

Kory: You know, your left mandible.


Kory: *chuckles*

Me: Come here so I can kick you in the shins. 

Things that make people other than Deeple happy.

Let’s do the links first….

Here’s what makes Krista happy…  only 50 things, but 50 really thought out and explained things…

Here are the things that make Gabbi smile.  I love how I feel like I know her so well just by reading her stuff..

This is Dani‘s list – I’m KICKING MYSELF for not putting “giving gifts” on my list like she did… I loooove to give people presents.

I just checked and it looks like Faith made a list, as well… she has that whole “karma balance” feeling about doing the happy side of it, too.

Blue Girl has a few lists… I’ll link you to the first segment because it’s fun to just read through her other stuff looking for the rest of her list.

Finally…  my friend Rob The Blogless sent me this list and I gladly post it here for him.  You might note the EXTREME SHMOOPY going on in his list for his beautiful wife and daughter. Feel free to give him crap about it.  I tried to, but the truth is, it’s so damn sweet that I couldn’t put much oomph into the ribbing and ended up just sniffling and telling him to read this out loud to them while sprinkling rose petals on their heads and playing Josh Groban in the background…

Instead I will make fun of the NERDTASTIC way he makes his lists in Excel like a total data geek.  So, there!

1 A genuine laugh from my daughter.  Seeing the joy in her may be the best thing in the world.
2 Good stand-up comedy.  
3 Good blue stand-up comedy.  This is a much more difficult to pull off.  Not just being crude for the shock value but to actually have intelligent content behind it is tough.  (see Doug Stanhope)
4 Finding a great sale on something you really want.
5 Playing co-op video games with my wife and or daughter.  
6 Peanut brittle.
7 The first Wednesday in November because then good or bad all the election garbage is over, for at least a little while.
8 Seeing movies in the theater.
9 Aurelio’s Pizza.  Best in the Twin Cities hands down.
10 Making a good golf shot.
11 Grabbing a beer with my best friend.
12 My first authentic Twins jersey.
13 Spring weather in the 60s and 70s.
14 My morning cup of coffee.
15 The internet.
16 A well written and well drawn comic book.
17 Finding money in one of my pockets.
18 The Cayman Islands.
19 Sailor Jerry’s spiced rum.
20 Unexpected hugs and kisses from my wife.
21 Catching up with old friends.
22 My new digital SLR with it’s 28 – 300 vibration compensation lens and 2gb memory card.
23 Modern Christmas Music.
24 The feeling of warmth throughout the Christmas season.
25 Listening to my daughter talk about her new discoveries.
26 Sneaking in a few hours for myself.
27 Blue Jeans.
28 Cuddling on the couch.
29 Fair food.
30 Traveling.  I hate the prep but I love going places.
31 Hot tubs.
32 Playing games with friends.  Apples to Apples is a blast with a bunch of good friends.
33 A light rush hour.
34 Sit down lunches on Saturdays.
35 Great music on the radio.
36 Losing weight.
37 When I complete a drawing that I’m proud of.
38 Kick off on football Sundays.
39 80s music.  I find it really interesting how much of it I like now that I hated back then.  Ah, nostalgia.
40 Making up after a fight.
41 Bass Ale, Guinness and Black and Tans.  Unfortunately these also cause me to snore on these nights.
42 Crawling into a warm bed on a cold day.
43 Playing fetch with my dog.
44 Watching birds of prey soar.
45 Snorkeling.
46 My HDTV.
47 All four seasons.  I couldn’t live anywhere that doesn’t give me all four.  I need the snow and cold as much as I need the sun and the heat.
48 A really good cliff hanger for a season finale.  (Provided that the show gets renewed.)
49 Just getting through the intersection before the damn light rail turns the light and keeps you stuck for an unreasonable amount of time.
50 My daughter’s imagination.
51 Waking up to the smell of breakfast.  Bacon, cinnamon rolls, coffee it doesn’t matter just a good smelling breakfast really starts the day right.
52 Surprising my wife with the perfect gift.  This is remarkably hard to do.  It’s more because she generally has laid so many hints or flat out told you what to buy that it’s not a surprise.
53 Convertibles in the summer.
54 Looking at the stars when you are miles away from the city.
55 The Palatine Fire Dept. badge I have framed with a picture of my grandfather in his firefighters uniform.
56 Bikini season.  There I said it.  This could almost be numbers 1 – 100  😉
57 My Xbox 360.
58 A newly cleaned restroom at work.
59 Alaska.
60 Staying up late and sleeping in.
61 Spending an evening playing cds with my wife when we alternate choosing songs out of our entire collection.
62 The song Breakfast at Tiffany’s.
63 My wall of photos in my house.
64 Art by Guy Harvey.
65 The smell of my wife’s perfume.
66 My collection of original comic book art.
67 Cooking s’mores around my fire pit.
68 The baseball opener.
69 My teams making the playoffs.
70 A clean car.  I haven’t had one in I can’t tell you how long but when it is…
71 When my magazines show up in the mail.
72 The occasional nap.
73 Costume parties.
74 My brothers.  The older we get the closer we get.
75 Moments when my daughter makes a leap forward in something i.e. walking, riding a bike, swimming those “Ah ha” moments where it just clicks.
76 The concept of John Anderson, Ross Perot and Jesse Ventura.  The execution was lacking but let’s shake up this system.
77 When a song hits me and pulls at my heart.  Usually it’s a song I’ve known for years but at that moment in time it somehow meant more to me. 
78 A late inning comeback by the Twins.
79 Going to brunch and a movie with my mom.
80 Getting together with friends that have kids the same age as Abbey.
81 Holding hands.
82 Getting a haircut.  That entire experience is so relaxing.  From the washing of my hair forward.  I swear one day I’m going to fall asleep in the chair.
83 Browsing at Barnes and Noble.
84 Listening to books on cd during my commute.
85 My Zune.  Look it up.  $14.95/mo for their catalog.
86 Zantigo.
87 Really vivid dreams.
88 Cleaning the house because I know it makes my wife happy.
89 My current relationship with my father.
90 Good natured ribbing with friends.  It’s so fun to zing and have it come back at you.
91 Playing darts.
92 Seeing a band at an Irish pub.
93 That first sip of a cold beer on a hot day.
94 Being contently full after a great meal.  I tend to over eat at great meals so when I don’t it’s a huge win. 
95 Career resurrections from my favorites be it bands, actors, artists.
96 4 o’clock on the last day of the work week.
97 Those Cadbury m&m type eggs.
98 Completing a job and knowing that you really kicked the snot out of it and that it would be hard for it to have been done any better.
99 What the future will bring.
100 In case you missed it up to now, my family especially my daughter and wife.


Thus completes the recent string of memes.  I have no plans for another one until I start my June 30/100/30 project. ..   feel free to suggest one to the group if you have a good idea, as long as it’s actually sort of unique and random.  If you send me one about whether I like chocolate or vanilla and if I like the stems of broccoli, I will murder your meme in its sleep and then I will rub your nose in your meme and say, “Bad blogger! BAD, BAD BLOGGER!”


May 29, 2008

100 things that make me happy…

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1. when a butterfly lands on me

2. fresh baked bread

3. smelly markers – the ones that smell like fruits and candy (except that jacked up black licorice one)

4. John Hughes movies – Sixteen Candles, Pretty In Pink, Breakfast Club, Weird Science…

5. getting cards and packages in the mail

6. cussing

7. Sephora, Ulta… any and all Makeup Meccas

8. public libraries (especially when I request a book and it comes in)

9. pull tabs. I go seriously batshit when I realize a bar/restaurant has pull tabs.

10. laying under trees and watching the sunlight filter through the branches and listening to the wind move the leaves… I could give you the long explanation that is… ok, I’m a Taurus and that is an earth sign which means I’m far more comfortable in dirt and rocks and plants than I am in water, air or fire… I’m not sure how many people are more comfortable on fire, but you see where I’m going with this. The short answer is that I like trees. And laying under them.

11. a rock-star parking space (you know, just shy of a handicap spot – can I say handicap? I think so.)

12. thunderstorms

13. writing

14. when I randomly and almost accidentally understand what someone else is saying in another language after growing up with a French-speaking grandmother, a German speaking mother and taking two (TWO!) years of Spanish in high school

15. the Stilton burger with truffle oil and parmesan fries from The Bulldog in Northeast

16. spontaneous genuine smiles

17. when someone holds a door for me, says “bless you” when I sneeze : average garden variety common courtesy that is so rare these days

18. empty public bathrooms

19. “smut mags” – The Enquirer, Globe, Star

20. someone else washing my hair (ahhhh…)

21. peanut butter

22. Christmas trees

23. museums

24. scratch off lottery tickets

25. Billy Collins poetry

26. bumper stickers about tolerance and peace

27. Better Cheddar crackers

28. Brittish/Aussie accents

29. Halloween – everything about it. Except that it isn’t a National Holiday that we get off work. Boo!

30. The PediEgg

31. reading in bed

32. getting emails from people that make me smile

33. bandwidth

34. gerbera daisies

35. avocados

36. flopping a set

37. turning a boat

38. football season

39. making the playoffs

40. fantasy football

41. my Mazda Tribute

42. coupons

43. Diet Coke

44. Diet Coke with Windsor

45. foot massage

46. Sabino Canyon and Mt. Lemon

47. swap meets

48. praise

49. mashed potatoes

50. Co. Bigelow

51. Going to Vegas

52. singing in the shower

53. corn mazes

54. board games

55. being valued

56. my best friend

57. surprises

58. people that get my drift, accept that I’m difficult but ALSO worth it, in the end

59. a snappy comeback

60. the future

61. my family & friends

62. reality shows

63. treasure/scavenger hunts

64. living in Minnesota

65. when I plant something and it actually grows (rare, I admit – but holy shit, have you seen my currant bush? It’s going crazy!  Kir Royale, anyone?)

66. being smart and creative

67. new socks and underwear

68. going to the State Fair and Renaissance Fair

69. that there might be more to life than we know… magic… life on other planets.. time travel.. ghosts..

70. really sharp cheese

71. waterfalls

72. public speaking

73. pomengranites

74. Lutsen

75. pumpkin patches

76. strong Democrat candidates

77. candles

78. acoustic music

79. Saints games

80. feeling pretty

81. new perfume

82. going barefoot

83. a clean house (speaking of rare…)

84. the color orange

85. old, soft sheets

86. pajamas

87. making out

88. autumn

89. really great soap (like the kind my sister I-L sent me from Berkeley!!!)

90. soft pretzels

91. people who keep their promises

92. my kids… my amazing kids…

93. blue jeans

94. iced tea

95. getting the bonus on a slot machine

96. sunsets (trite much? I don’t care. Suck it.)

97. my mom’s cool, reassuring hand on my forehead when I’m hurting…

98. my husband

99. popcorn at the movies

100.  nicknames

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