May 29, 2008

100 things that make me happy…

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1. when a butterfly lands on me

2. fresh baked bread

3. smelly markers – the ones that smell like fruits and candy (except that jacked up black licorice one)

4. John Hughes movies – Sixteen Candles, Pretty In Pink, Breakfast Club, Weird Science…

5. getting cards and packages in the mail

6. cussing

7. Sephora, Ulta… any and all Makeup Meccas

8. public libraries (especially when I request a book and it comes in)

9. pull tabs. I go seriously batshit when I realize a bar/restaurant has pull tabs.

10. laying under trees and watching the sunlight filter through the branches and listening to the wind move the leaves… I could give you the long explanation that is… ok, I’m a Taurus and that is an earth sign which means I’m far more comfortable in dirt and rocks and plants than I am in water, air or fire… I’m not sure how many people are more comfortable on fire, but you see where I’m going with this. The short answer is that I like trees. And laying under them.

11. a rock-star parking space (you know, just shy of a handicap spot – can I say handicap? I think so.)

12. thunderstorms

13. writing

14. when I randomly and almost accidentally understand what someone else is saying in another language after growing up with a French-speaking grandmother, a German speaking mother and taking two (TWO!) years of Spanish in high school

15. the Stilton burger with truffle oil and parmesan fries from The Bulldog in Northeast

16. spontaneous genuine smiles

17. when someone holds a door for me, says “bless you” when I sneeze : average garden variety common courtesy that is so rare these days

18. empty public bathrooms

19. “smut mags” – The Enquirer, Globe, Star

20. someone else washing my hair (ahhhh…)

21. peanut butter

22. Christmas trees

23. museums

24. scratch off lottery tickets

25. Billy Collins poetry

26. bumper stickers about tolerance and peace

27. Better Cheddar crackers

28. Brittish/Aussie accents

29. Halloween – everything about it. Except that it isn’t a National Holiday that we get off work. Boo!

30. The PediEgg

31. reading in bed

32. getting emails from people that make me smile

33. bandwidth

34. gerbera daisies

35. avocados

36. flopping a set

37. turning a boat

38. football season

39. making the playoffs

40. fantasy football

41. my Mazda Tribute

42. coupons

43. Diet Coke

44. Diet Coke with Windsor

45. foot massage

46. Sabino Canyon and Mt. Lemon

47. swap meets

48. praise

49. mashed potatoes

50. Co. Bigelow

51. Going to Vegas

52. singing in the shower

53. corn mazes

54. board games

55. being valued

56. my best friend

57. surprises

58. people that get my drift, accept that I’m difficult but ALSO worth it, in the end

59. a snappy comeback

60. the future

61. my family & friends

62. reality shows

63. treasure/scavenger hunts

64. living in Minnesota

65. when I plant something and it actually grows (rare, I admit – but holy shit, have you seen my currant bush? It’s going crazy!  Kir Royale, anyone?)

66. being smart and creative

67. new socks and underwear

68. going to the State Fair and Renaissance Fair

69. that there might be more to life than we know… magic… life on other planets.. time travel.. ghosts..

70. really sharp cheese

71. waterfalls

72. public speaking

73. pomengranites

74. Lutsen

75. pumpkin patches

76. strong Democrat candidates

77. candles

78. acoustic music

79. Saints games

80. feeling pretty

81. new perfume

82. going barefoot

83. a clean house (speaking of rare…)

84. the color orange

85. old, soft sheets

86. pajamas

87. making out

88. autumn

89. really great soap (like the kind my sister I-L sent me from Berkeley!!!)

90. soft pretzels

91. people who keep their promises

92. my kids… my amazing kids…

93. blue jeans

94. iced tea

95. getting the bonus on a slot machine

96. sunsets (trite much? I don’t care. Suck it.)

97. my mom’s cool, reassuring hand on my forehead when I’m hurting…

98. my husband

99. popcorn at the movies

100.  nicknames

May 19, 2008

More things that suck, by people that are not Deeple.

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So, a 6 more people sent me their lists or part of their lists… or links to their lists… if the numbering is goofy – blame me. I don’t know why WordPress doesn’t like lists of 100 and insists on changing them to be 100 #1’s or 10 sets of 10.  Probably WordPress are communists!

And here they are:

This is Faith’s List.  (Evidently, Faith and I suffer from the same Spilling Disease)

This is Dani’s (partial) List.  (Sugar?  Sugar sucks?! You are a toooough judge…)

This is Kory’s (work in progress) List  (Singin’ to the choir about the messy yogurt baby!)

Jeff The Ninja (who met Prince Caspian last week) adds these:  (Whatever, man, more yams for me.)

I’d add the following to your list of things that suck:
  • People who clip their nails at work.  It drives me nuts.  I feel like I should go stand next to them, take off my shirt, and roll some deoderant on my armpits just to get back at them.
  • Bad service at a restaurant.  Hey, I can get that for free at home.  Sitting and waiting, sitting and waiting, noticing other tables getting served, sitting and waiting, feeling like a captive, wondering if I can get up and leave without a hassle, sitting and waiting, sitting and waiting.
  • Showering at the gym with other guys.  I hated this in Junior High and High School and hate it even more now.  I’m enjoying a nice hot shower after a workout and then other guys come in and shower near me.  The shower enjoyment evaporates immediately.  Maybe it’s me.  Maybe I need more diversity training.
  • Yams.  Always hated them.  Always will.

Tracy P (Tee Pee)  adds her twist on things:  (Sorry, girl… I DO NOT DANCE!)  

Top 100 things that bug me (not necessarily in order of level of irritation)

  1. People clipping their fingernails in places where I am – do it in the bathroom or when I’m not around.  Yuck!
  2. Neil Young
  3. itching
  4. missing a phone call from someone I want to talk to
  5. …when those people don’t leave a message
  6. the smell of fish
  7. having to get up in the middle of the night to pee
  8. The word “slacks”
  9. The word “panties”
  10. Road kill
  11. People who don’t clean up after themselves – i.e. bathroom nest
  12. Sales at Kohl’s – I mean really, they should just reduce their pricing.
  13. Whining
  14. toenail fungus
  15. President Bush
  16. Condeleeza Rice
  17. Dick Cheney
  18. Pictures of President Bush and Dick Cheney
  19. that hunting mourning doves is legal
  20. that I can’t eat everything I want and not gain weight
  21. gas prices
  22. that ball of white spit that forms in the corners of people’s mouths
  23. when my jeans are too tight
  24. Jetix, Power Rangers, any of those violent “kids” shows. 
  25. Nose hairs
  26. crabby and rude people working grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations
  27. crabby and rude customers
  28. jello
  29. braggarts
  30. people who won’t dance
  31. celebration dances in the end zone
  32. cellulite
  33. Rap music
  34. fatty steak
  35. cars turning without signaling
  36. people who are always negative – wah waaaaah
  37. waiting in line
  38. STROLLERS at the state fair
  39. cutting up raw chicken
  40. boiled ham
  41. rutabagas
  42. when people say words that don’t exist – like orientated – it’s oriented – unless they are cute or funny like ginormous
  43. nasty feet
  44. people swearing in front of children
  45. people swearing in public
  46. boys wearing pants that don’t fit – I want to pull them DOWN
  47. thong underwear
  48. mean people
  49. clowns
  50. animal circuses
  51. ticket scalpers
  52. cheesy car salesmen
  53. slow internet service
  54. chapped lips
  55. headaches
  56. political ads
  57. Ann Coulter-geist
  58. Bill O’Reilly
  59. TV evangelists
  60. dirt under my fingernails
  61. not feeling safe
  62. stupid do-nothing, go-nowhere politics
  63. having to walk through puddles in my dress shoes
  64. cleaning the cat box
  65. when people park their carts on one side of the aisle in the grocery store only to go over to the other side to pick out what kinds of soup they want.  Hello!?!?  Need to get by….
  66. Racist people of all colors
  67. When people at the nail salon talk in a different language – I know they are talking about me!
  68. Losing my temper.
  69. spiders in my house
  70. TV shows like the Bachelor, Flavor of Love or any of those other girlfriend “audition” shows.
  71. Wheel of Fortune
  72. cervical injections
  73. Realizing it’s only Tuesday when you thought it was Wednesday
  74. dog slobber
  75. coffee at work
  76. friends that always cancel
  77. Being sick
  78. Snot
  79. Loud sneezes – I want to take cover
  80. kids that set off firecrackers a.  after 10:00 at night  b. on non-4th of July nights
  81. People that abuse animals
  82. Industrialized slaughter
  83. Drug Addicts
  84. not finding help at Home Depot
  85. People who want to wash your windshield when you are stopped at a red light.  If I want my windows washed, I’ll do it myself or have it done at a car wash where I can get the whole outside washed.
  86. The obligatory 15% tip at restaurants.  Tips should be for great service not an addition to the cost of the meal.
  87. Having to sign contracts
  88. My flabby arms
  89. traffic
  90. bad hair days
  91. long wearing lipstick that doesn’t last
  92. When someone says, “You People!”
  93. Finishing a good book
  94. Losing my keys
  95. Aches and pains
  96. The wind tunnel walking into work – contributes to #90
  97. People who like to make you feel bad so they feel better
  98. Oversleeping
  99. When people take credit for other people’s stuff

    100.  Constantly worrying about how I “show up”. 

And we have Rob’s List as well:   (I would commit a high crime to have a Coca-Cola slurpee.)



1 People who don’t use turn lanes, only use them halfway or drift into them ever so slowly braking the ENTIRE TIME!!!
2 Athletes who thank God for their victory.  Get over yourself. God doesn’t love you more than your opponent.  
3 My dog rubbing his butt on my carpet.  
4 Ads for horror movies during daytime or early primetime.  Thanks for running that slasher movie ad during Dirty Jobs.  I was hoping I could be up multiple times tonight with my daughter having nightmares.
5 Hang nails.
6 Pedophiles.
7 Empty Diet Dr. Pepper 12 packs left in the fridge.
8 That weight is added too easy to put on and is too hard too lose.
9 Those “Calvin” peeing car decals.  Bill Watterson never approved that crap.
10 Randy Jackson trying too hard to be like Simon this year.  Know your role.  Randy you’re supposed to be constructive, Paula is drunk and overly sugary and Simon is the ass.
11 The fact that I care about number 10.
12 When my DVR randomly only records the first minute of a show.
13 The gray hair in my beard.
14 My newspaper not delivered to my porch but instead at the end of the driveway, in the bushes, in the yard just shy of the sidewalk, etc.  Of course, that only happens on snowy or rainy days so it’s soaking wet and completely useless.
15 Tools who drive the speed limit or below in the left lane.  
16 Turning on the car radio just as one of my favorite songs ends. 
17 When I lose my train of thought as I’m talking to my boss.  Smooth, now about my raise?
18 That Marvel killed Captain America.  Assassinated? Really?  If you need to ruin an icon at least let him go out in an epic battle giving his life for everything he stands for.  But no, you just punked him.  Yep, I’m done with you Marvel.   
19 Speaking of Captain America, no 24 for an entire year?!!  Damn writers strike!
20 Firefly being canceled.
21 Unflushed toilets.  
22 Meetings that continuously grind to a halt so that one person can make Maddenesque observations.  Listen to the sound of your own voice on your own time damnit!
23 The fact that the only version of the PS3 currently available is not backwards compatible with PS2 games. 
24 The rate that gas prices are rising while oil companies are posting record profits.
25 ATM Fees.
26 Rainy weekends.  
27 Technology.  I want to be current for at least one year.  I hate buying the next big thing only to have the next big thing 2.0 come out a month later.
28 Rocks that fly up and hit your windshield.
29 Politicians.
30 Dress pants that bunch up when you sit down making it look like you’re pitching a tent.
31 Losing touch with old friends.
32 Under-cooked chicken.
33 People who use cell phones in the theater.  Don’t text, don’t check the time and for God’s sake don’t talk on it during a movie!
34 And while I’m at it, don’t bring your damn baby to the movie and what the F is your 3 yr old doing in Aliens vs. Predator?!  I’m here to enjoy a horror movie and your 3 yr old has no business being here.  Get a damn babysitter.
35 The need for news agencies to put a local spin on everything.  “Today in Never-Never-land a plane crashed into The Lost Boys hideout killing all 200 on board as well as all of the Lost Boys.  One Minnesotan was on the plane.  We’ll be sure to stick a camera in the grieving widows face by the end of the broadcast.”  There was a Minnesotan on the plane? Well now it’s a tragic story!  Before I found that out I could have cared less. 
36 Zits.  With the exception of Belushi’s impression of one from Animal House.
37 Cigarettes.  Sorry smokers I know they are not illegal. I know that you think that you’re not hurting anyone but yourself, blah, blah, blah.  Cigarettes blow.
38 Buy outs for CEOs that drove their company into the ground.  What the F?  How can a CEO get millions to leave a company that may never recover from the mess they left it in?
39 CEO compensation in general.  You want true economic stimulus?  Then share some of that down with the people that make it possible.
40 Mosquitoes.
41 Ooo, worse yet, gnats.
42 The Weather terrorists.  Hey weather people stop crying wolf and instead tell us when it’s really going to be bad not every time that there is a one percent chance that it might rain because you know what, I now never believe you.  And enough with the we’re doing this for your safety crap.  You’re not saving my life.  In the old days it was simply a thunderstorm.  Now somehow they’re all the storm of the century. 
43 Yard work.  I know some people like it but I am not one.  
44 The end of a great vacation.  I love a good vacation and I must have a little nomad in me because I typically don’t find myself missing home.
45 When my mailman doesn’t close my mailbox the entire way and it rains causing all of my mail to be soggy on one end. 
46 Political correctness.  It’s gone terribly overboard.  
47 Bad hair days. 
48 People who write computer viruses.  
49 Dandelions.
50 Ouzo.  This one is my own fault and I am painfully aware of that.
51 Stubbing your toe.
52 Those snot-nosed kids that are talking crap while playing Halo 3.  
53 That there are no 7-11s in Minnesota.   Man, I want a Slurpee.
54 When someone is too busy to talk but don’t tell you that and instead hear only like every tenth word you say.
55 Working on the first truly nice Friday in as long as you can remember.
56 Gangs.
57 Killing in the name of Religion.  I would wager that if you double check you religion’s holy book you would find that you misunderstood.
58 Burning your mouth on pizza.
59 Picking the wrong lane at the store.
60 That freak in Austria.  Okay I realize that I already listed pedophiles but this psycho deserves his own listing.
61 Everything Highlander related after the first movie and yes this includes the television series.  There can be only one and he’s Christopher Lambert, not Adrian Paul.
62 Regrets.
63 The higher standard to which the video game industry is held.  MA is the video game equivalent of an R rated movie and yet old folks still think that video games are for kids.  Guess what, they’re not and I want to play GTA IV not some edited watered down version.
64 Telemarketing.  Our number is on the National Do Not Call list how is it that you continue to call?
65 The lack of customer service in the airline industry lately.
66 All animated movies now being C.G. I’m a big fan of 2D animation.  None of the new breed have the style that came from a well done Disney 2D movie.
67 Blockbuster Video.  Damn censorship pushing, drive mom and pop video stores out of business, big chain, overdue fee scandal-ridden company.
68 Birds flying into windows.
69 Scratches on your favorite cd.
70 The far left and the far right.  Hey I’m in the middle along with most of America and you’re leaving me out!!
71 Freezer burn.  
72 The idiot teen that speeds down our residential street in his Mustang like he’s in a NASCAR race.  
73 Spilling on a new or favorite shirt.  Somehow the sauce is always bright red and extremely obvious.
74 Biting your tongue.
75 People who don’t start writing their check until the cashier gives them the total.  Hello the store name is not going to change while you are standing here.  Fill that out.  Fill the date out.  Put both of them in the registry.  Heck I even sign the check while I wait but I’m willing to understand that it might make some uneasy.
76 Walking into an unexpected stink.  Funky odors are the worst other peoples funky odors are worse than the worst.
77 When an awful song gets lodged in my brain.
78 When your child cries because they’re hurt.  Either emotionally or physically it’s no fun.
79 Backing a format that dies.  Thanks HD DVD.
80 Faux-hawks.  Either man up and go with the real mohawk or don’t.
81 Bars that don’t keep at least one good beer on tap and I don’t mean MGD.  Bass, Guiness, Newcastle all qualify you know something dark.
82 Muzak of any rock and roll tune.  Whoever decided that Muzak versions of Beatles or Led Zepplin song was good idea should be drawn and quartered.
83 Long periods of gray or dark skies with no sun.  
84 Bad wait staff.  I’ve been on the other side and there’s really no excuse.  At the very least you should pass on an apology for being in the weeds.  We all can tell when our food has continued to cook under the warmer b/c you can’t keep up.
85 Bigotry.  Nuff said.
86 The offseason that the Minnesota Twins had.  Call me back when you care enough to field a professional baseball team.  You’re a billionaire Carl, spend a little and don’t whine to me about operating loses.  This should be a hobby for you not a business.  Say what you will about Mark Cuban but he get’s it. 
87 What Janet Jackson’s nipple did to the entertainment industry as a whole not to mention the Super Bowl half time show.  What over the hill rocker with they parade out next year?
88 Those nights when you can’t sleep and you’re watching the clock going “If I fell asleep now I could still get 3 hours of sleep.”
89 Phobias. 
90 Mushrooms.
91 Lifetime Television or as I call it the All Men Are Bad channel.
92 School shootings at any level.  Enough with the woe is me therefore you all must die crap.
93 When food has the “Spicy” indicator on it in restaurants and it’s anything but spicy.
94 Shoveling snow.  I love Minnesota.  I love snow.  I hate shoveling.
95 When good TV shows Jump the Shark.  If you don’t know what Jump the Shark means, Google it.  
96 The fact that I don’t draw much anymore.  Again, I know that this is my fault but it doesn’t change the suckiness.  Knowing that just adds a layer of guilt to the suckiness.
97 That sip of coffee that has sat too long so now it’s cold.  
98 That DQ Blizzards taste SOOOO Good.   See number 8.
99 My commute to and from work.
100 Have I mentioned how much I can’t stand people that don’t take full advantage of turn lanes?



Ok — list makers.  Krista’s challenge is the Top 25 Songs of All Time and why – due on or around this Friday.

I plan to do mine from a ME perspective, instead of a global Top 25 songs for the world/music industry perspective because as previously stated… it’s all about me.   I’m not especially globally tuned. I don’t even turn the water off when I brush my teeth!  It’s true.  *hangs head*  … and sad.

So mine is going to be more of a “mix tape” to myself of the 25 songs that move me, slay me, rock me, make me cry, etc.

I hope everyone will make their own mix tapes… 

To me, making a tape is like writing a letter. There’s a lot of erasing and rethinking and starting again. A good compilation tape, like breaking up, is hard to do. You’ve got to kick off with a corker, to hold the attention (I started with “Got to Get You Off My Mind,” but then realized that she might not get any further than track one, side one if I delivered what she wanted straightaway, so I buried it in the middle of side two), and then you’ve got to up it a notch, or cool it a notch, and you can’t have white music and black music together, unless the white music sounds like black music, and you can’t have two tracks by the same artist side by side, unless you’ve done the whole thing in pairs and…oh, there are loads of rules.”

-Rob, “High Fidelity”



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