June 20, 2008

#18 of 30

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Home again, home again jiggity jig…

Feeling better today by about a mile.  Yesterday was not a good day and I was sick to my stomach and in pain and generally pissed off and upset the entire day.  I did little other than wake up, drink water/tea, take a pain pill and go back to sleep.  This morning I’ve been up and around and had some oatmeal and a little coffee and even changed The Baby out of her pjs and into her school clothes.  Feeling more normal today, for sure.

Goals for the day:  take shower, walk a little more, eat something something that isn’t mushy.

June 17, 2008

#17 of 30 – the unabridged version

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Still in hospital.. hopefully getting out tomorrow…

Surgery went very well except that they did have to open me up.  Once they got the camera in, they could tell there was too much scar tissue to safely perfom the repair that way.  So I have an incision on the right side about 4 inches long and one on my left about 2 inches long.

My anesthesiologist was funny and caring and lovely… the nurses have all been wonderful (with the possible exception of P____, who has painfully flushed my IV without warning me first, threatened to throw Kory’s muffin away because she “doesn’t like food sitting around” – which would be fine if we were like, hanging around HER LIVINGROOM, but we essentially live in this room right now and there is no place else to put the goddamned muffin!  She also keeps forgetting about me when I ask her for something and she calls me “honey” in a “oh, it’s a poor retarded girl” way and not an endearing way. So, she’s at the bottom of the list of nice nurses….

I’ve forced myself to go against the very grain of my nature and just do what I’m told.  I’ve been walking laps around the nurses station, drinking tons of liquids, using my breathing machine, etc, etc.

Kory’s been sleeping in a chair so he can stay by me when I need him.  The meds make me itch (WHY DO ALL MEDS MAKE ME ITCH??)  and Kory has been so sweet when I wake him at 3am and ask him to scrach my back and my feet.

My roommate is an old lady who has had a heartattack AND had most of her colon removed… I know this because she’s a bit of a talker.  She’s full of complaints and thinks the nurses aren’t taking care of her. She doesn’t understand that she can bump her own pain meds and freaks out everytime an IV alarm or monitor alarm goes off (which is about every 5 minutes) … and she burps constantly like an old sheep.




Swear to god. JUST LIKE THAT.

Oddly, instead of wanting to stab her with my bendy straw and tell her to please SHUT IT because I’m dealing with my own pain, etc… I just feel sorry for her and Kory and I help her as much as we can by calling the nurse for her, listening when she talks, etc…  she’s had no visitors and I’ve had many.

Even now, waiting for the Percocet to kick in so I can sleep, I know how lucky I am.  The presents from my team, the “smile in a box” that I got in the mail from Dani… my mom flying here from Tucson to help take care of me and The Baby, Kory’s parents taking The Baby so both my mom and my husband can be with me…the phone calls and emails from my friends, coworkers and boss… the 3 bouquets of flowers that ALL had gerbera daisies in them… CaraLin and her daughter, Peanut, who drove all the way here to see me…  I’m lucky.

I’m luck

June 11, 2008

#12 of 30

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Hey! Raise your hand if you are tired of hearing about the ailments of Denise!

I just wanted to clarify for everyone because I’ve gotten a number of emails asking if I’m ok and what horrible thing has befallen such a pleasant person such as myself…   *giggles*….  recent posts say things like “surgery” and “chemo” and if one didn’t know the whole story, one might think that I was potentially dying of Cancer Balls.  Luckily, it’s more likely a garden variety hernia that will hopefully be repairable via laparascopic fantasticalness.  Which will hopefully mean that there will only be a few small incisions and everything will be done with smoke and mirrors.

I found this picture to demonstrate:

So, it’s sort of like being attacked by 3 javelin spears at the same time.  That’s not unsettling AT ALL.

Also, it appears that I will be equipped with my own internal flash drives. Neat!

At the pre-op yesterday she said that it was definitely much bigger than it used to be (even though I have miraculously somehow lost 14 pounds in the last 3 weeks) and that it doesn’t really feel like a hernia anymore. It kind of feels like a mass, now.

So, they don’t know yet what will happen during my surgery on Monday.  The options are:

1. Hernia – SHOVE EVERYTHING BACK IN. Put up protective soccer net to hold it all in place. Install flash drives.


2. Mass – TAKE EVERYTHING OUT.  Call Enquirer to pimp out my enormous tumor story.

Either way, it should be fun!

Still waiting for the labs to come back and hopefully all those iron infusions have been cooking along and making big happy puffy red blood cells.  So it’s not BAD-bad like chemo and surgery sounds.  It’s more like Medium Low Bad.  More of a simmer.

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