January 7, 2009

March 5, 2006

How I reality feel

This is reality how I feel.

Vices?  I’ve got tons of em.

I drink, gamble and smoke (though only 1 day a week, now)…

I curse, I don’t go to church, I don’t keep a clean house, I have returned things after I’ve worn them and I sometimes don’t tell people when they give me back too much change. I have late fees at at least 3 video stores and as many libraries…   but oh man, those reality shows…. they are truly one of my guiltiest pleasures…

American Idol – Thank you, planet, for not letting Brenna go through last week. If I had to see her pose and make her snotty little sneer at the camera one more time, I would have popped  vessel.  I don’t understand why Chicken Little (Kevin) is still there when he is CLEARLY not going to be an American Idol and is not in the same league with the rest of the boys. I know he’s “cute” but come on….  I love Chris! I love Katherine!  I don’t care for Lisa and I’m really iffy about Paris. Go ahead, hate me for that… I’m over both of them. I wish they would have a phone line to vote AGAINST someone. They could charge double and I’d still make that call.

I love Taylor the most!


Project Runway –  I love Daniel and want him to win. Santino is an ass. (but I secretly love him, too.)

Santino Rice

Survivor – Ugh. I hate Shane. Shane hates Courtney, but that’s ok because I hate her, too….  Bruce annoys. I like Sally and Cirie. Terry is ok…. I don’t know. Other than not liking Shane and Courtney, I have no real favorites or dislikes this season.  In fact, I’m sort of bored with it.


Celebrity Fit Club – As if I didn’t already hate Gunnar Nelson?

Road Rules/Real World challenge – It’s hilarious that everyone STILL HATES BETH. Still!  She’s almost the Johnny Fairplay of the Real World casts.

Amazing Race 9 – Oh my God, the Glamazon sisters… or as the gay guys call them “The Frosties” – I can’t believe they made it to the mat. I love the goofy SpinDoctors guys… and the dating couple that call themselves The Nerds and totally are…  can’t stand the dumb younger guys that keep acting like competely assmunches….

The Apprentice –  oh my, it’s a weird one.  I like the Russian guy – but you can tell he’s going to make some trouble.  And Brent, the goofy lawyer guy, is SO going to be fired…. and will someone please explain why Allie insists on looking like a mushroom?

  button mushroom

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