September 29, 2008

Farmer’s Market with someone 70 years younger than John McCain

We hit the Mill City Farmer’s Market on Saturday and Kory took these gorgeous pictures of The Baby and various food items.

The Baby caused quite a stir with her new shirt that Mommy bought her at Things Younger Than John McCain. People approached us in a steady stream asking about the shirt, where we got it, how to buy it, etc. Women in hemp clothes rummaged through their felted bags for a pen and paper to write the website down… Men and teenagers pointed and laughed and a certain someone lapped up the attention and would surely have agreed to sign autographs if she knew how to spell her name.  Instead, she told them, ” CUPCAKE! MOON!” and everyone was all, “Right on, little Democrat.”

A close up of Mr. Duck… with The Baby flapping her wings and saying, “WACK! WACK” in the background.

This is a “Pulled Pork Taco”, but it’s really nachos.  It was so good, we growled and hooted.

Outside the mill…. where we practiced counting.

Counting for The Baby goes like this:


She’s 25% right and that’s pretty good if you aren’t even two two two years old yet.

A picture Kory took of the old mill, that I plan to have framed…

And finally, the flowers we bought on our way out, with amazing and unusual lime green and purple cabbages mixed in.

July 13, 2008

Saturday, Farmers’ Market fun

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Things we did at the Farmer’s Market in Minneapolis on Saturday:

1.  Bought sheeps’ milk sharp cheese and bleu cheese which is called gorgonzola or roquefort, one of the two…but regardless is delicious and all that mattered to Mr. Ponytail Man  and his Very Hippie Looking Long-Haired Little Boy is that I wasn’t already on their email list in which I would have been falsely informed that this was the LAST WEEK I COULD GET THE BLEU WHICH WAS WRONG OH SO VERY WRONG BECAUSE IT’S PRACTICALLY CERTAIN THAT THEY WILL HAVE IT ONE…MORE…. WEEK…..   Mr. Ponytail Man greeted almost every person by name which told me that I was a) not cool or b) not Farmer’s Market Hip or c) not Sheepish (WUT? WUT? BAAAHHH!)

2. I walked what seemed like forty-hundred blocks to an ATM machine that was so old it was like somehow finding an ATM at a Piggly Wiggly in 1942.  Everything was all, FROM CHECKING? YES OR NO? … and I was all “Ok.” and then it was all “ENTER ANY AMOUNT UP TO ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS”  and I was all, “Seriously? Because there is almost no way that Kory is getting that Alaskan Salmon AND I can get the flowers… and the tart… and the salsa….  and the smoked trout… for one hundred dollars…”  And the ATM was like, “HELLO??” and then I realized that it was right… if not a little,  “WOULD. YOU. LIKE. TO. PLAY. A. GAME?”  and so I told it, “OK, give me the 5 twenties.” and it was all, “GLOBAL. THERMONEUCLEAR.WAR! YOU GO FIRST!” and I was like, MAN, I hope that walnut, leek, goat-cheese tart is worth it….”

3. There was a booth/stall/tent/whatever with a woman holding a goat.  Yeah, goddammit.  I said she was HOLDING A GOAT.  Next to her was a coop of sorts with about 6 large ducks waddling around.  To say that The Baby went TOTALLY BATSHIT would be an understatement. She…  well…..  she dropped a few marbles on Saturday… She screeched and pointed and grabbed her ears and screamed and laughed hysterically until everyone within her range was laughing until tears ran down their faces.   Really, seeing the duck and goat was like The Baby experiencing the second coming of Christ.  Or THE GREAT GOOGLY MOOGLY.  You know.  As it were.

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