September 7, 2008

Possible McCain/Palin bumper stickers or campaign slogans.

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McCain/Vagina 2008!

Guns in every home are so obviously the best thing for America! McCain/Palin ’08

Teen pregnancy – oh, just rub some dirt in it.  McCain/Palin 2008!

McCain: Palin more every minute.

What do you call a guy who loves hockey and MySpace and kicking ass and hockey?

Bristol-whipped!   McCain/Palin 08

Better not get raped!  McCain/Palin for change. ’08

Governor of Alaska is really more like Emperor of a whole separate country, isn’t it? Not that we want it to be separate.  Just sayin’.  McCain/Palin in 2008!

We won’t let her anywhere near policy. Swearsies.  McCain – Palin  08

If cross us, we WILL have you fired.  Just sayin’.  McCain/Palin 2008

If I die during office (which I won’t, because I’m 72 years YOUNG) how about if I just agree to order that she be quietly “removed” and we let the next young lady step in?

McCain/Palin/Pelosi 2008!

June 2, 2008

#2 of 30

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Last night I drooled excessively on the floor watched the MTV 2008 VMAs…  Coldplay did their new song and shot about 75,000,000 paper butterflies into the air that stuck to anyone damp and sweaty -aka: ALL THE COLDPLAY GUYS.  Specifically, a big red one stuck to Chris Martin’s forehead during his whole performance, which only made his PERM MULLET more interesting.

But you know who won an award?  This guy:

I had a ROWR FITROWR! ROWR! He’s Depplicious!

Because mostly he looks like this:

Which is more “Sorry, I don’t have any heroin today. Let’s make vegan pancakes!”

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