November 13, 2007

Hot pink sky, confoosion, too hard to validate

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Hot pink sky


Anyone see the sky this morning? I woke up and thought that perhaps our house was engulfed in a Duraflame log gone wonky. Or, a large piece of bubblegum. Or that Bobby Trendy had wrapped our house in pink feathers.

I hopped up and flung open the front door to find the most amazing pink sky.

Rapid fire thoughts:

Its so beautiful!

Are we at war? What horrible chemical thing is making the sky pink? Does Al Gore know about this?

It’s….. beautiful…

I must wake my family.

So, I did. I woke them and made them go outside and look at the beautiful hot pink sky with me at 6:27am this morning. I quietly sang “Hot Pink Sky” to the tune of Black Hole Sun.


*while watching TV, racing through commercials via the magic of TiVo*


Kory: WHAT? WHAT IS IT?! (frantically hitting the go back button on our remote)

Me: Foo Fighters! Foo Fighters!

*we both watch a picture of a big syringe dance across the screen*

Me: Never mind. It says “Flu Fighters”.

Kory: *hysterical laughter while I poke him and tell him to stop laughing*

Too hard to validate

Dear anyone who wants to me to sign up for anything, or enter any contest, or change anything regarding any of my bank accounts, or update anything online whatsoever, or leave any of my friends a nice comment or anything that has the ability to spammed or phished or whatfreakingever:

I can no longer do anything online that requires me to validate anything because I am physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally incapable of retyping those stupid letters and numbers that look like they have spun wildly out of an acid trip and then melted like a Dali painting all over the screen and overlapped each other like some sort of word puzzle in the newspaper that someone must do, but I don’t know who…. who does those puzzles? 80 year old men? 10 year old girls? Not me, that is all I know.

I see that validation screen and I panic. Inside my head, I am yelling over and over again, “IS IS CASE SENSITIVE?! IS IT CASE SENSITIVE?!”

I can’t tell if something is an “l” or a “1” or if an N is a Z when it’s all tippy and weird and the whole thing just bothers me. I mean, if the idea is to keep something automated from doing something — why not ask me a simple question I can answer — like :

How many pennies make a quarter?

What color are lemons?

What is a baby kangaroo called?

And if you can’t answer those questions or something similiar, then … TOO BAD… you can’t validate! But at least you get a shot at it, right? It’s not a guessing game that you’d have a better chance at if you were high on acid….

That is all.


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