October 29, 2007

Listy McListeron Listopholous

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Work phrases that I am so sick of, I want to stab myself in the eye with my pen every time I hear them at meetings:

1. We should “partner” on that.

2.  I think we need to look at the “fidelity factor”.

3.  “Center of excellence”

Shows that I really, REALLY loved but don’t really think they could come back, now, because certainly all the actors would be way too old and I’m not sure how I’d feel about new actors in those roles:

1. Northern Exposure

2. My So Called Life

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Shows I loved that could come back. Right now:

1. Deadwood

2. Carnivale

3. Six Feet Under

New and interesting ways the general public have devised to bring me to a screaming, spitting road rage fit.

1. Wandering just far enough over your line into my lane that I freak out and swerve onto the shoulder… only to have you fade gently back into your lane. Repeat until I develop an embolism.

2. Inability to merge into COMPLETELY UNMOVING TRAFFIC on Hwy 280.  Sure, merging is hard,sometimes, when people are going 60 MPH, but these people are just sitting there.  Inch yourself between 2 unmoving cars until it’s time to move, for god’s sake!!

3. Magnetic “ribbons”.  Seriously. Just the site of one makes me clench my jaw.

Good things that are also a little bit pretentious:

1. Kookaburra Strawberry licorice from Trader Joe’s.

2. 6 year aged cheddar cheese from Surdyk’s.

3. Prosecco


Bad things that start with an “o”:

1. orange marmalade

2. oysters

3. open sores


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