November 7, 2007

Coming Attractions.

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Coming this month:

1. Northeast Nights adventure

2. Mysterious & Exciting package from Clinton in Arkansas. (No, not that Clinton.)

3. 40th Anniversary celebration (Kory’s parents) [Working subtitle: Dragging a teething baby around Stillwater while everyone is hopped up on Starbucks.]

4. Interesting things The Teen thinks happens in the real world.  [Ex.  A letter will arrive in the mail informing us when the housing market improves and we are able to suffer a glimmer of hope that our house will ever be owned by anyone other than our mortgage company and (to a far lesser degree) us. Wouldn’t that be a helpful letter?

5. Top 10 reasons I would rather celebrate Festivus than Christmas this year

6. 1 year letter to Little Miss Monkey Bear-Bear Magoo. (Go ahead, barf. I don’t care.)

7. The kid I saw wearing the giant stocking cap, kicking leaves.  As if the leaves were the heads all the people who ever made fun of him.  Or his giant stocking cap.

8. Project Runway.  That is all.



November 1, 2007

Love on the deck. Aint no big surprise.

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Saturday night, Kory and I celebrated our 3rd year of marriage – and we did it in much the same way that we fell in love in the first place… on that doggone deck.

Back then, the deck was smaller.  The chiminea was still famous and important instead of banished to the yard where it waits to be noticed and tries to dodge the cigarette butts that everyone throws at it.  The deck didn’t have fancy rails or stairs or lights. It now has built in seating and nice big glass table.  It has a giant ROBOT (read: umbrella-head space heater majobber) and various coolers and trashcans.  You’d probably have to squint a bit to see that old deck in what is there now…

Friendships have formed and died on that deck.  People have met for the first time and cried and told the truth and lied and flirted and shouted and hurt one another and hugged one another.. on… that… deck.   Kory’s parents and sister, my mother and grandmother and sister and almost every friend or loved one we have has sat with us on that deck.   On our deck we have set things on fire, we have argued politics, we have sung for policemen and decomposed salmon. 

But also, above all —  that is where we fell in love. 

So, without any kids, we planned to celebrate our 3 years sitting by the fire, grilling steaks, drinking wine and laughing….

The beautiful sunflowers Kory bought me at Trader Joe’s:

Our appetizer… also Trader Joe’s.. $4.99….

Here’s the thing.  I could tell you how delicious this was. How the crust is paper thin like phyllo but buttery like really good homemade pie crust and how the cheese and onions and ham all melt and goo together to a rich, salty, delicious mess of crispy goodness… and that wouldn’t do it justice.  It’s so fucking good, you guys.   There. I said it. I dropped the F-bomb.  I had to.  It’s that fucking good.  See? I did it again.

This is moments before we ravaged it like gourmet Tasmanian devils:

The more functional, yet less esthetically pleasing new fire holding mechanism:

Dinner…. filet mignon, rare with blue cheese melted on the top – accompanied by a light Asian salad:

After we ate, we played this on the laptop and drank wine.

You can see that Kory was handing my ass to me… probably because of this:

Both those glasses are mine. Hehehehe.

Back in the day… fallin’ in love on the deck…


3 years, baby!  Lerve!

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