April 7, 2006

Holy burst of energy, Batman.

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Holy burst of energy, Batman.

I got to work pretty early this morning as I had to have Kory to the airport by 6:30am – he’s flying to Denver for the day.  He’s less than thrilled. If I had to fly somewhere and back in the same day and there wasn’t some sort of emergency or guest appearance on a TV show or something like that… I’d be mad as hell.  But then, I’ve developed this strange aversion to flying. It joins my strange aversion to clowns, dolls, any toy that talks and non-crispy bacon.

For some reason I’ve gone into Martha Stewart on crack-mode, today.  I’ve decided that this weekend I’m going to make cupcakes:


and cookies:

Easter Cookies

and baskets and eggs and Easter trees… and all  that shit.

Here are some pictures of the ACTUAL EASTER TREE I MADE:


This is a strange phenomenon because:

1. Easter is hands-down my LEAST FAVORITE holiday.

2. I’m generally anti-pastel.

3. Spring is my least favorite season of the year.

4. I hate eggs.

5. I don’t like cake.

6. I hate anything “country craftsy”.


“Martha made me do it.”

martha stewart

You just don’t understand her the way I do.

April 6, 2006

Missing Pics

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I guess I learned an important lesson, yesterday, about “borrowing” other people’s pictures from their websites.

There was much discussion aimed at me by Kory and Peter about outrageous concepts such as “bandwidth” and “reloading”.

I’m now using  based on my son’s recommendation …(what? what? what?) … but I shouldn’t have any missing pictures anymore.


April 4, 2006

The Lutsen experience

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The Lutsen Experience

Day 1: Thursday.  Supposed to leave our house at noon.  I get there around 12:30 and we pack up all the cars in a flurry. Everyone is certain we are forgetting things (and we are). 5 cars pull out of our driveway.

Car 1: Kory & Denise, Car 2: Monte & Julie, Car 3: Chris & Jill, Car 4: Jackson & Angie, Car 5 : Dan & Lance (no, they aren’t a couple)

We drive approximately 385 miles an hour in a caravan and we arrive in Lutsen in less than 2 minutes.  Ahh.. the scenary.  Ok, we drove about 85 the whole way and I spent much of it panicking that we were going to get arrested. Nothing exciting happened other than that we saw a lot of deer and for the first time, it wasn’t pouring the entire drive up.  We stopped in the same little dive bar in Beaver Bay and a few earth-shattering games of Fooz Ball were won and lost…  when we got up to the cabin in Tofte, Kory and I left the group to drive on to Lutsen to get the keys for our executivo cabino – round trip 16 miles away- only to come back and find everyone already in the cabin as the housekeepers had accidently left one of the door unlocked.

I said, “Oh shit! You mean we didn’t need the key?!”

Dan said, “Uh, no. You probably didn’t need to pay for it, either.”

Hotujec showed up a little later – he geocached on the way up….

Julie made chicken and spinach/corn yumminess – I was exhausted and went to bed pretty early……

Friday:  Chris and Jill made breakfast burritos…..  we played games, hung out, played cards… I made veggie soup and salad bar for lunch…. went for a walk… Luke and Sarah showed up around lunch time…we played Werewolf that night – which is an AWESOME game in which some people are townspeople and some are werewolves and there’s an oracle and a little girl…. and then someone is Cupid… oh shit… this doesn’t sound fun or cool at all, I bet. But it is! It super, super is! Especialy with that many people.

(playing Werewolf)

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