October 1, 2008

How do I kiss his forehead from here?

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If you’ve been around a while you know that The Teen decided over the summer to try living with his dad this year for 11th grade. He wanted to play football in Iowa. He wanted a fresh start.  He wanted to reinvent himself. And I…….I let him……go.  What else could I do?

I raised him for 16 1/2 years and his Dad has had him for 4 months.

And he’s lying in a hospital bed in Iowa, being prepped for emergency surgery because his appendix ruptured some time today.  He’s been to the doctor, the ER and two separate hospitals….

and me?  Well, I’m HERE.  I’m 227 miles away.

They don’t know how long the surgery will last, it will depend on how much infection has spread, I guess.

His father will be with him tonight and tomorrow and then I’ll be there….

Kissing his forehead and asking myself for the millionth time how I’ve managed to have two kids in two different states?

If you are a wisher, a thinker of good thoughts, asker of gifts, hoper of hopes….  would you throw one up to the stars for my son tonight?

That he doesn’t hurt, that he heals… that he can feel my love from 227 miles away…..

Foe Molly? – A one act play

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SetKitchen, in never-before-seen state of being almost bare and yet somehow messy, as Kory Husband is going to be painting the kitchen with his buddies tomorrow. (Read: slap on some paint and drink beers and take 27 smoke breaks until one of them dares the other ones to see what happens if they mix all the cleaning products under the sink together and then breath in the fumes.)

Wife is surreptitiously eating The Baby’s sugar cookie from Perkins. She appears to be eating it sneakily and guiltily even though she is almost certain her daughter didn’t even know she HAD a cookie from Perkins.

Husband walks in kitchen. Seeking coffee. And more…….


Husband: Gimmee some sugar.

[Husband makes “eyebrows” at Wife]

Wife: [Crumbs on face and sprinkled across her bosom, an area of such food collection capability, if is commonly referred to as her “SNACK TRAYS”]   I’m eating a cookie.

Husband: [grabbing Wife] So? Give me a kiss.

[Wife gives Husband chaste, quick kiss]

Husband: [affronted]  No! A REAL kiss.

Wife: Hoooooooney.  I am eating a cookie. I have food in my mouth. On my mouth. In my hands. On my shirt.

Husband: I don’t care.  I like the food on your…… shirt………  [A lot a lot a lot of eyebrow waggles]

[Wife, sighing, giving off definite “I am really being inconvenienced, here”, body language. She leans in and gives the same type of kiss but like 7 or 8 times – machine gun- style. kiss!kiss!kiss!kiss!kiss!]

[Husband makes assumption that this is the start of something]

[An uncomfortable moment happens when Wife pulls back, done with kissing, and takes a bite of her cookie while Husband is still partially kissing the air in the space that Wife used to occupy]

Husband: More.  [A directive]

[Wife leans in to give more kiss!kiss!kiss!-type action and Husband grabs wife and kisses her in a way that appears as if he is about to cover her face with his mouth like a scuba mask.]

[Wife breaks away, laughing]

Wife: You’re being all….. MAULY……..!

Husband: Not really. [Grinning]  I’m being faux mauly.

Wife: Did you just say FAUX MAULY?!

[Husband smiles and leaves the room with his coffee, brushing cookie crumbs off his shirt, with the certain knowledge that he just made the blog.]

[Curtain closes]


February 14, 2006

I miss the shoebox.

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I miss the shoebox.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the beautiful flowers Kory sent me.

They are gerbera daisies – which are my favorite.

It looks almost exactly like this:

And I wore my pink sweater today.  And I gave Peter and Kory their valentines prizes (Soundtrack for Underworld II for Peter and the 1st season of Scrubs for Kory).  I came in to work and got the little cards and candies from work people (notable exception: my friend Tanya out of NOWHERE brought me this beautiful bauble (yes, it’s a bauble) and some delicious pear-tasting chapstick called “Hot & Flashy”, which 9 kinds of cool….)

And maybe it’s because it’s been ice/sleeting all day and I’ve been listening to to tick, tick, tick on my window everytime the wind kicks up….  Maybe it’s because I’m really tired…. but I’ve been thinking today about how much I loved Valentines Day when I was a kid….

Bringing in that old shoebox and cutting a hole in the top… decorating it with pink and red and white construction paper and pipecleaners and paper doilies.  Reading EACH card with anticipation and searching for that EXTRA meaning in the Batman valentine from the boy you have a crush on.

“Valentine, I go batty for you!”

WHAT?!!  ME?!!!  You go BATTY FOR ME?!!!!!

:::: swoon::::

The way I’d read each one to make sure I was giving the best one I could to each person.  The one that would mean the most and express (yes) that little extra meaning without being, you know, OVERT about it.

“Be mine, or I’ll punch you on the playground.”

“I hope you like me because I like you and as soon as I think you like me I will never talk to you again and will whisper about you to my friends and maybe include your name when I do that fortune thing where you write MASH (mansion, apartment, shack, house) for where you will live at the top and you pick the boys names and the car you’ll drive and number of kids you’ll have and you probably don’t know what this is because only girls did it, but anyway, be my valentine”

Maybe I’ll make one next year and make people give me valentines…..

Anyway, I got a poem from my husband and Monte even called me up and wished me a Happy Valentines Day – both of which were surprising and completely sweet.

Peter and Kory are going to pick up dinner — and I bet the perfume that I’ve been wanting will be waiting for me tonight….

On second thought, keep your stupid shoebox.

I have it pretty damn good.

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