Sweet Fancy Moses! I won a drink!


Kory and I met my friend Julie and her new…. Bill…. at Santorini on the west side. It’s a greek restaurant that has free Texas Hold ‘Em tournaments on Monday nights.  I LOOOOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to play poker, so I was excited to play. Top 3 people get various prizes.. bottles of booze, NFL jerseys, gift certs for B&Bs and massages… pretty nice stuff… and the top 8 people get points that accrue through the season to get a playoff spot to play for a WSOP seat (World Series of Poker).

Julie, is a killer card player — she just gets pretty nervous when money is on the line so she likes these freeroll games…. Bill… is her new…. Bill. I don’t want to expound on Bill…. but I can tell you the following things about him:

1. He told Julie to stop saying “Doh!” which is her signature adorable thing that she does and even told me that he was going to “break her of that habit”

2. He ordered for himself and then informed Julie that she could just share with him – without checking if it’s something she’d like.

3. He was at least medium-obnoxious and Mr. Puffy Impress Everyone Man. He boasted about everything, in particular his impressive status at the bar and how he “knows the owners” and “can pull any strings we need pulled”.  Puff. Puff. Swagger. Swagger.

4. My parting words to him last night were, “Shut it, Bill”.

The poker tourney itself was super fun — and while I did not win the main tournament, I did outlast Kory, Julie and Bill….  and then won at the “Drink table” —  knocked out 5 people playing no-limit….

and I won a drink.

a lousy Windsor Diet….  man, that was a lot of work for a drink.

The people were great – I met a ton of very friendly and funny people (accept the guy that said that I sounded occasionally like “Karen from Will & Grace” – which can NOT be a compliment)

I’m looking forward to going back and making that final table and accruing some points… WSOP, here I come……

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